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Front view of the Capitol

Republican Opposition to Increasing the Debt Ceiling

October 13, 2021
Weekly Columns

After many weeks of partisan debate, legislation to increase the debt ceiling passed the Senate last week, resulting in House members being called back to Washington to vote on this renegotiated bill. I voted against the first version of the debt ceiling increase, and I will again be voting no because I firmly oppose this administration’s reckless, virtually unlimited, spending.

This week’s vote is yet another ruse for Democrats to increase our country’s debt. The ceiling is a restriction on how much the federal government can borrow to fund its financial commitments. When Congress appropriates money, the government must pay those funds, and when spending surpasses revenue, the government borrows money via U.S. Treasury bills to fulfill federal operations. Therefore, the debt ceiling is used to place a cap on the amount of money the government can borrow. While it is critical to pay off our debts, continuous, careless spending increases the burden on Americans for generations to come.

As a fiscal conservative, I firmly believe Congress must take the utmost consideration when spending taxpayer dollars. Our country is already nearly $30 trillion in debt and raising the debt ceiling would only exacerbate our economic crisis. The very week that the real cost of inflation to the average American reached an extra $175 a month and gas prices hit a 7-year high, Senate Democrats singlehandedly voted to further skyrocket inflation by passing this legislation. On top of this, the majority is attempting to pass the $5.5 trillion infrastructure and budget reconciliation bills, which would be the most expensive spending package in American history.

Our country simply cannot afford the Democrats’ irresponsible spending sprees. They are in control of the presidency, House and Senate, and are choosing to spend taxpayer dollars on far-left policies that are not in the best interest of the American people. It speaks volumes that not a single Republican in the Senate voted to increase the debt limit, and House Republicans should follow suit. We must stand up for the American taxpayers and do all that we can to prohibit doing further damage to our economy.

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