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Front view of the Capitol

No-Brainer No-Vote on the Build Back Better Act

November 23, 2021
Weekly Columns

Last week the House unfortunately passed the reckless budget reconciliation bill, also known as the Build Back Better Act. I voted against this legislation because I am deeply concerned about the bill’s price tag, especially considering the crippling inflation crisis our country is currently facing, as well as the national debt of nearly $30 trillion. It is the most expensive bill and largest tax increase in American history and could bankrupt our economy by further fueling inflation, the labor shortage, and the national debt.

What’s even worse than the sheer cost, though, is the inclusion of over 150 new far-left social programs that do not address the needs of the American people. Democrats have included budget gimmicks by making expensive programs appear less so on paper, for programs they intend to make permanent, which is incredibly misleading. Some of these tricks include $36 billion for expanded Obamacare subsidies, $200 billion for universal paid leave without income limits, and $100 billion toward amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Additionally, the Democrats’ claim that this bill would benefit the middle class couldn’t be further from the truth. Through the included SALT cap increase, the wealthy would benefit and Americans making less than $400,000 annually would see higher taxes. They plan to extend $250 billion worth of tax breaks targeted at the top 1%, which sets up middle- and lower-class families for a tax increase. All Americans are already being taxed through the sky-high inflation, and this not only ignores this issue, but actively makes it worse.

Furthermore, the tax and spend spree will more than double the middle- and lower-class chances of being audited. The IRS will be supercharged with $80 billion in mandatory funding and 87,000 new IRS agents, which will make all Americans at every income level susceptible for increased monitoring.

Although I want to create a healthier America and address climate challenges, the included $550 billion Green New Deal provisions are not the answer. It is filled with wasteful incentives and programs that will harm our economy and kill jobs. We should instead be focusing on innovation and new technology for a realistic transition to clean energy, while also creating jobs and boosting our economy for all Americans.

It is also important to note what is not included in this legislation. Within the 2,000 pages, there is not a single mention of border control, China, or Afghanistan. This year especially, with record-breaking southern border apprehensions, Chinese missile testing, and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Congress should prioritize investing in our country’s safety and security. These are pressing threats our nation faces today, and they desperately need to be addressed for protection from our adversaries. Instead, Democrats are funding senseless projects like “tree equity.”

Overall, this partisan legislation will benefit some, but could harm our nation as a whole. Democrats irresponsible spending has the potential to cripple our economy and stifle growth and opportunity for the American people for decades.

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