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Front view of the Capitol

Bice Opposes Partisan Pelosi Package

March 10, 2021

Washington – Congresswoman Stephanie Bice (OK-05) made the following statement after voting against H.R. 1319, The American Rescue Plan: 
"Today I am again voting against the passage of H.R. 1319. Even with the removal of the Speaker's Silicon Valley subway project and the $15 minimum wage, this is still one of the most expensive bills in history. The fact is, only 9% of this bill goes to combat COVD-19 through public health spending. Meanwhile, 25% or $471 billion, goes to policies that reduce private sector employment, and billions of dollars go toward unrelated programs, including the arts, humanities and foreign aid. The White House even billed H.R. 1319 as the “most progressive piece of legislation in history.” Not a single Republican was able to support this bill and I find that problematic. 
"The Congressional Budget Office projects that our economy will return to pre-pandemic levels of real GDP growth by mid-2021, with a steadily declining unemployment rate. Yet almost half of the funding in the bill won't be spent until 2022 or later, and we still have $1 trillion in unspent stimulus funds remaining. With the enactment of this bill, the total COVID-19 stimulus price tag will be almost $6 trillion, or just over $17,000 per person. I know many Americans are still in need of assistance, but this pork-filled package does not prioritize Americans in need. Today I voted against wasteful spending at a time when our nation needs to target its COVID-19 relief dollars toward just that, not foreign aid, not institutions with multi-billion dollar endowments, but pandemic relief for Americans who need it."