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Front view of the Capitol

Bice Again Votes ‘No’ on Raising the Debt Ceiling

October 12, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Representative Stephanie Bice (OK-05) released the following statement after the House passed a rule that would raise the debt ceiling through the end of Fiscal Year 2022. Bice voted against the resolution for the second time.  

“Tonight’s vote was just another Trojan Horse House Democrats are using to pass an increase to our nation’s debt ceiling without actually having to vote on it. Instead of a direct vote on a bill to raise the debt limit, we voted on a self-executing rule, packed with three additional unrelated pieces of legislation, to allow House Democrats a temporary extension of $480 billion for the debt ceiling. I again voted no.

More concerning, raising the debt limit will allow the Democrats’ reckless spending to continue. They now control the House, the Senate and the White House, and are set on funding their $5.5 trillion dollar tax and spend liberal agenda and placing the onus on the backs of all Americans. Raising the debt ceiling would help fund a Green New Deal youth patrol to the tune of $3.5 billion to establish a work program for jobless climate activists. It would also allocate American taxpayer dollars to fund a new surveillance program that gives the IRS permission to monitor every bank transaction made over $600. Until House Democrats can introduce bipartisan legislation to appropriately fund our government, I will continue to fight back against their outrageous wish lists.”